Wind Up Bulldozer Treasure Egg Pack

Introduce your Kid Builders to Fun Little Toy's Wind Up Bulldozer Treasure Egg Pack!

Kid Builders - grab a tractor toy and get to theconstruction fun-structionzone! The Wind Up Bulldozer Collection from PopFun’s gotta get movin’ parts aroundquick! What’ll ya start with, Kid Builder? There’s an excavator toy, a crane toy, a forklift toy - all types of tractor toys are at Kid Builder’s disposal! Count ‘em up! There’s 1...2...3...4…12 Construction Cars in this Wind Up Bulldozer Collection. See that Hand-Crank right there? Give it a simple twist and watch each construction toy perform a fun and exciting construction car task. Perfectly sized, brightly colored, and made with premium quality materials - get on board with the Wind Up Bulldozer Collection from PopFun today. Product comes packed with an additionalegg-citing surprise - so keep those eyes peeled for an extra prize:12 treasure eggs packed inside! 

  • 12 Wind Up Bulldozer Toys 
  • A Variety of Exciting Colors and Designs
  • Hand-Crank Designed On Each Car
  • Unique and Engaging Construction Car Movements
  • Extra Bonus Prize Packed Inside