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Fun Little Toys

Early Learner Wooden Construction Puzzle

Presenting the early learner wooden construction puzzle from Fun Little Toys

The Early Learner Wooden Construction Puzzle from Fun Little Toys offers your toddler an endlessly-entertaining early learning experience. Featuring a wooden board decorated with 9 pegs and containing 26 unique wooden-blocks, your little one will have a blast creating any given letter in the alphabet, numbers 0-9, and shapes. This product makes certain that your child will gain mastery of the alphabet with a smile on their face! Smooth, rounded edges keeps playtime a safe experience for little ones and a stress-free experience for parents. The board is perfectly sized for little children to interact with, measuring roughly 7” inches x 7” inches x 1.3” inches.


  • 26 Wonderfully Smooth Wooden Play Blocks
  • 9 Smooth Pegs On A Wooden Board For Kid Learner Creation
  • A Variety of Exciting Ways To Learn The Alphabet, Numbers 0-9, And Shapes
  • Premium Quality Playtime Material
  • Guaranteed Safe For Early Learners
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